DownStreet Art

DownStreet Art exists to build economic and social capital and encourage the dialogue between our community and the arts. DownStreet Art does this by enlivening downtown North Adams using art and cultural activities to increase visitorship and enhance resident participation.

I spent two summers working with DownStreet Art. The first in 2010 as an Associate Gallery Manager running The Artery a site specific installation by Liz Nofziger.










I returned in the summer 2011 as the Associate Program Manager for the Berkshire Cultural Resource Center the organization that oversees DownStreet Art along with Gallery 51, MCLA Presents the Berkshire Hills Internship Program.

The 2011 DownStreet Art Season included the following Pop-Up Gallery spaces.

  • Postal Instant Press Gallery: A window installation in the former PIP printing store.
  • XMALIA – An installation and performance series by C. Ryder Cooley.
  • Maya IV – An installation by artist Jarvis Rockwell.
  • PRESS – Letterpress as a public art project. Curated by Melanie Mowinski.
  • Grass Gallery – A space for showing anti-war art, multi-media work, theatrical interventions, music, lectures and more.
  • Everything Must Go! – An exhibition to explore gift and barter economies by making and giving away electronic art.



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